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It’s another Free Printable for you! This is one is all about Focus!

“Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive.”

I have been thinking a lot about how important it is to focus on the important things in life. We live in a world that is so full of distractions that it is easy to lose focus. Even as I am typing this I am getting distracted by the chime of my phone, notifying me that someone commented on a Facebook post, or that my Tweet was favorited or someone repinned my pin on Pinterest. Not to mention that Candy Crush level that keeps calling my name . . .

Step away from the technology distractions and there are still plenty of other things that are distracting – the floors don’t mop themselves and the toilets don’t scrub themselves either!

Here’s the thing though, all of the above mentioned aren’t bad things. They are wonderful things (well, a clean floor and toilet are wonderful, not necessarily the process of cleaning them). However, when we use all of our time and energy to focus on all of the little things that distract us, they can become a very bad thing.

I have really learned the importance of knowing what to focus on, through my photography. The other night I wanted to practice photographing glitter for a photo shoot I have planned, so I dragged two of my kids outside with me, gave them each a handful of glitter and started capturing them playing. I had set my focus on my camera to AL Servo mode since I knew my kids would be moving a lot. As I opened up my images on my computer I noticed that on one of my images I had completely missed the focus and the picture was ruined.

blurry out of focus glitter image

Contrast that image to this image I captured of my sweet 3 yr old in the exact same spot a few days later.

image of  3 yr old blonde girl with curls and brown eyes

In photography, it is crucial to maintain focus on the most important part of an image. In portrait photography that is always the eyes. No matter what you always want to focus on the subject’s eyes – don’t believe me? Let’s look at the same image from above with a focus on that adorable smile and a very shallow depth of field . . .

image of  3 yr old blonde girl with curls and brown eyes

image of  3 yr old blonde girl with curls and brown eyes

Naturally, you are going to prefer the sharper eyes and features over the out of focus eyes.

In photography it is easy to know what to focus on in order to capture a stunning image, but how do we know what to focus on in life to ensure that we have a stunning life? This is going to be different for everyone and takes a great amount of soul searching and constant readjustment. Throughout the day different things become more important to focus on than others – which is why it is crucial to have a set schedule and a set space to work at.

As a work from home mom I have to maintain not only my business but also take care of my 4 beautiful children, spend quality time with my husband, clean the house and prepare the meals. I wake up every morning and get my kids ready for school, this would be a very bad time for me to be focusing on my work or trying to mop the dirty floors. So from 6:30-7:30 my focus is completely on my children. When I work out and prepare my meals I am completely focused on my health. When I am editing a client’s photos or working on a new printable it has my complete focus. If I am going to lunch with my girlfriend’s then the phone stays in my purse and I give my complete focus to my friends, and that is probably the best thing we can do to know what to focus on in our life in order to create a beautiful, stunning life.

Maybe for you, you have a perfect schedule and you are able to accomplish all that you need to do in a day but there are areas in your life that cause you to feel miserable. Perhaps it is your spouse, your children, the pesky neighbor or your experience at church. I recently went through a 2 yr rough patch with my spouse and the only way we were able to get through it was to make a conscious effort to stop focusing on what we didn’t like or what was causing us pain and to re-shift our focus on what mattered most – the things we loved about each other. Maybe, you don’t like how something was sad – re-shift your focus on the literal words to what is the message, what is the worth of the person saying those words, what positive uplifting message can you send back to them? I promise this will create a beautiful life for you and help you heal from the hurt and frustrations you are enduring. Remember don’t focus on the mouth – focus on the eyes, which is a window to their soul.

So I am going to challenge you today along with giving you a free printable for you to DOWNLOAD

Free Focus Printable

I am going to challenge you to take some time today to pause and think about what in your life is out of focus – is it time with your kids? Is it time with your spouse? Is it your faith or your work? Do you need to focus more on yourself and your health?

After you figure out what you need to be focusing on – spend a few minutes to write down what is distracting you (where’s your botched focal point?) and what is keeping you from fully focusing on what matters most.

Then commit to yourself that for the next 7 days you are going to completely focus on what matters most and eliminate the things that are distracting you from the beautiful life you are destined for.

I would love to hear your thoughts on focusing on what matters most and your tips to eliminate distractions in your life! Leave a comment below!

With Love,

Kim Miller

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