Frozen Inspired Printable


Have you caught the Frozen Craze? While we were in Idaho over Christmas, my husband and I were planning on taking our kids to see this movie (especially since we were freezing in Idaho). Unfortunately, for me, when it came time to take the kids to the movie my 4 yr old caught the flu so i stayed behind with him while the hubby took our other 3 kids. From the moment they came home all I have heard about is how much I have to see Frozen. Finally, last week we had time and went and saw it.I have to admit that five minutes in I completely understood why everyone loved this movie. Disney hit it out of the park with this one. I completely related to Elsa in the beginning when there is an accident and her sister is injured. The tears started flowing immediately for me in that moment because when I was 7 my 3 year old brother passed away in an accident that haunted me for years because I could have possibly prevented it. I saw him doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing and instead of telling my sister who was in charge I walked away, when I walked back a few minutes later he was dying and there was nothing to do to take that moment away. As Elsa sang the words Let it Go I rejoiced with her in that moment of letting it all go and no longer allowing our past to haunt us. There is a freedom like none other that fills our souls when we just let it go. If I might add that not only do we let it go but we embrace the growth we gained from our past. I did not have the Brady Bunch childhood full of love and happiness but I am who I am today because of my past and I am kind of in love with who I am today.So if I could echo the words of Elsa - Let it Go - let your troubles, fears, insecurities, and worries go and embrace who you are today! To help you remember that I designed these Free Printables for you! They are sized as an 8x10 so can be printed as a 16x20 as well! You get both the red and black and the blue and white printable in the download.

To Download these prints and other awesome FREE prints click hereDid you love the movie Frozen? What was your favorite part or most inspiring moment for you? I'd love to hear from you!Save

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