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The other day my kids were home from school and wanted to play video games. Well the rule at my house is that all chores must be done before any one can turn on the TV so I reminded them of that rule and off they ran. Five minutes later they came running back and informed me that their rooms were spotless. Hmmm that seemed a little too quick to be done properly so I asked them how clean there room was. I am all about accountability and teaching my kids responsibility so i don't check their rooms until they tell me that they are 100% satisfied with their job. Often times the minute I ask them how clean it is they turn around and clean some more.

This day, however, my oldest looked at me and said, "Mom, I cleaned it my way - not your way. Remember my clean is a lot less work." Her clean = shove everything under the bed and into the closets and dirty clothes hamper, which is not clean in my book (or any other mom's book I imagine). We went the rounds over how to compromise on how clean her room needs to be. After finding a compromise I decided it was time to whip up some chore cards so they would know exactly what is expected of them when it comes to cleaning so I no longer have to follow behind them and wipe up what they didn't.On top of that I really want my kids to know how to clean. I know they are young right now but that is the ideal time to teach them these habits so when they become teenagers and adults they already know that a bathroom isn't cleaned until every inch has been disinfected and sparkly! I am tempted to make them watch Mr. Clean commercials over and over so they know how sparkly a room should look!Here's my plan for using these beautiful and pretty awesome chore cards. I am going to head to the dollar store after finishing up this post and pick up 4 spray bottles, 4 cleaning rags and 4 small baskets and 4 dusters. I am then going to make an at home cleaning solution of vinegar and water (check out my Pinterest Board for DIY cleaning recipes). In each basket I will put a spray bottle, a cleaning rag and a duster then when it is time for the kids to do their chores I will simply hand them a basket and the bedroom & another chore card and off they will go to merrily clean my house. You would be amazed at how much kids love having their own little lists and spray bottles!I am so excited for these and I know you are dying to have some for yourself so I added them to my shop and they are available for only $5! It comes as a 5 page pdf so all you have to do is buy, download, print, cut, and laminate them then hand them to your little (or big) munchkins and off they go.These would also make a perfect neighbor gift! Just run to the dollar and make your own little cleaning basket and throw these in the basket with them add a bow and you are good to go! I should make up a cute little chalkboard cleaning tag for the cleaning baskets too now that I am thinking about it :). So fun!P.S. these aren't just for kids either - my husband is terrible at wiping down surfaces so you better believe I am going to be handing him one of these cards next time I see him cleaning :)In case you wanted to know what each individual card looks like I added them to this post :) These are designed with mopping and sweeping each room because I have hardwood floors and no rugs BUT don't fret I am currently making some that say vacuum instead of mopping :) These are the perfect companion to my Cute Little To Do Cards!You can purchase them by clicking HERE. I hope you enjoy them! I would love to hear how you manage all the cleaning at your house and if you plan on using these!Have a fabulous day and please feel free to share but do not redistribute! Thanks so much for stopping by.









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