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Happy Friday everyone and happy free printable quote day and happy first day of Fall!

Who else is happy for cooler weather? It's been a hot summer here in Las Vegas and when my car told me it was a cool 65 degrees this morning I'll admit to doing a little happy dance with the kids in the car! They all want pumpkin pie tonight and I'm thinking that is very doable!With the changing of seasons it's only natural to think about the changes in our lives. I have fallen in love with the YouTube channel: The Futur. It's a great show that talks about the business side of design. One day as I was listening to one of the videos the lead guy, Chris Do, made this comment:

Change is inevitable, Progress is a choice.

Those words hit me hard and I immediately designed this print. Why did it hit me so hard? It struck me because one, it's true. Nothing is constant, everything changes. Our lives aren't stagnant. People come and go throughout our life. We change and grow or we refuse to grow while others around us grow. Our bodies change, our perspectives change, our preferences change. Change is inevitable.The key is the last part of that quote, progress is a choice. At the end of the day are we choosing to make steps to become better or are we resisting the change and getting further behind? I was recently listening to a talk about a person who is a master goal setter. This individual is busy like most of us, but whatever goal they make they achieve. One day they were asked, "how do you reach every one of your goals?" The response was, "I take it one day at a time." Every day before bed this individual would set a timer and read for five minutes to ensure he finished the book he wanted to read. He would take his goals and break them up into tiny bit sized pieces so that every day he was moving towards his goal. He chose progress.The question for all of us is with the changing of the season, what progress are you going to choose to make?As a reminder be sure to join my mailing list and gain access to my FREE resource library that is full of inspiring and beautiful prints for your home!

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Also right now I am selling two charitable prints from my etsy shop, all of the proceeds from these prints will go to the American Red Cross to help all those whose lives have been turned upside down with Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.With Love,Kim

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