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As a family photographer in Las Vegas I love the possibilities of images I can create. The location possibilities for a custom family portrait session are endless.  However, Las Vegas pales in comparison to the beautiful beaches of California. Over spring break my husband and I took our 4 kids to San Clemente to play on the beach for 5 glorious days. It was incredible to do nothing but lay on the beach all day, every day. I think I read 5 books that week! My only request while we were at the beach, was to attempt family portraits. As a family photographer I am always trying to find new locations and to improve my skill set. The first night we had planned for our family portrait session ended up not working out because Duke University was playing in the March Madness tournament so we chose to do it on another night. We bribed the kids with promises of ice cream after we were done taking pictures, so they were on their best behavior for me :).I have a new respect for photographers who photograph on the beach! I wanted natural light images so I left my lighting equipment at home. I now want to go back and try again with my lighting! I have some beautiful images of my children from the session and I cannot wait to hang them up on my wall. Here are a few of my favorites from our beach session.

The last image is my all time favorite image. My youngest daughter started feeling ill and wanted to go home so we were gathering all of our items up when I looked at the sky and knew that if I was to get the portrait I wanted of my husband and I then I had to do it then. I quickly handed the camera to my oldest and showed her how to focus the camera and then grabbed the hubby for a quick picture. I didn't expect the image to come out, but when I looked at the back of my camera I was in awe. My daughter captured my vision perfectly! She is still amazed that she took that portrait and I'm hoping she has caught the photography bug like her mama.


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Kim Miller is a Las Vegas Family and Child Photographer.

Kim Miller specializes in maternity, newborn, child and family photography. To view more of Kim's work please visit her portfolio or connect with her on social media:Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | TwitterLas Vegas Family Photography | Las Vegas Child Photography | Las Vegas Newborn Photography | Las Vegas Maternity Photography

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