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Is there anything better than glitter when it comes to kids? I saw this idea on Pinterest and I knew that I had to try it with my girls. Taking fun, creative photos of my children is one of the many reasons I became a child and family photographer. To set this session up we set up in my garage in order to make clean up easy. Also, the lighting in your garage is perfect for photography. Living in Las Vegas the weather for this type of child session is perfect 9 months out of the year. To create the portraits we set up a black backdrop and a strobe light. While my husband, also my incredible assistant, set up the backdrop I did the girls hair and got them dressed. Pretty dresses are a must for this type of photo shoot. Once we were all ready to go it was time to have some fun. I posed the girls while my husband and sons then poured handfuls of glitter in their hands. Then on the count of three the magic would happen.  They would throw the glitter while I captured the joy and fun of a glitter photo shoot! There was a lot of trial and error but thankfully there weren't any tears, just lots of laughter. The girls had a blast catching the glitter and being princesses and I love the portraits of my daughter that I was able to capture. Enjoy the sneak peaks !A glitter photo shoot

Which of these do you love the most?

With love,

Kim Miller


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