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Can you believe Valentine's Day is less than a week away? This year my husband and I promised each other no extravagant gifts. In the past we could easily spend a $200+ on Valentine's Day . . . not including the gifts for our kids. This year we gave each other a budget of $20 for our gifts and $5 per kid, which means I am getting crafty to add the extra bonuses I love to do for Valentine's Day!As a busy mom and wife it is very hard for me to give my family as much attention as they need, it seems like there is always at least one person that doesn't get special one on one time with me. So to solve this problem I am giving my family the gift of time this year. I designed these adorable coupons that I am going to print out and make a cute little coupon book for each member of my family and I wanted to share them with you!All you need to do is download them and then customize the coupons to the individuals you will be giving them to!Some ideas for your coupons are:For your significant other:

  1. A backrub
  2. Movie of their choice
  3. Their favorite dessert
  4. 30 minutes of whatever they want
  5. A night out
  6. Their favorite game
  7. A week of doing their chores for them
  8. "Bedroom Time"
  9. Foot massage
  10. Their choice

For the kids

  1. Read them a story
  2. Play a game with them
  3. Go on a walk / bike ride
  4. Play their favorite activity
  5. Mom cleans their room
  6. Movie of their choice
  7. Cuddles
  8. Build / craft something together
  9. 30 minutes of mom time
  10. Free choice

I am sure your family will love these coupons, because objects break but memories last forever!


Make sure to come back tomorrow for another Valentine's Day inspired post!

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