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Can I just say I love creating family portraits?!?! Seriously, love them. I love seeing how the families interact and capturing the little personalities and quirks of each family member. There really isn't anything better in the world than that . . . well, there may be a few things (like chocolate and bubble baths) that are better . . .Over the winter break I visited my husband's family up in Pocatello, ID and was able to rent a studio and capture my brother and sister-in-law's family. I love these guys more than words can ever express and truly look up to both of them so much. They lived with us for a while when they were just newlyweds and I have been able to watch them grow and develop into the most hard working and incredible people ever. Not to mention that their kids are ridiculously adorable!There was a bit of drama at the studio we rented, and we had to cut the session short because of it, but we were able to make the most out of an awkward situation and capture some amazing images.

Have you had your family portraits updated recently? If not, I would love for you to contact me today and we can create a beautiful, custom family portrait that you will cherish for years to come.With love,Kim MillerFollow Me: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |Pinterest

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