Vacation is over . . . back to work

In case you haven’t noticed I haven’t really been keeping up on my project 365 or posting a whole lot of photos. I have a good reason for this I promise. I had two extremely outdated and super slow computers, which made it so that photography and designing took up a lot of time . . . and I mean A LOT. So much so that it ended up taking over my life and my kids began to comment that I was on the computer more than I was with them. I am a huge believer in making my children my number one priority so that wasn’t going to fly with me.

After a lot of contemplation, quite a few discussions with my husband and my Heavenly Father I had decided to stop doing photography and designing. The decision didn’t feel right to me . . . I knew I was talented and I had invested quite a bit of time and money into learning the trades of design and photography, but I couldn’t justify taking the time away from my kids. The very next week I was assigned to be my church’s photographer/blogger/designer for the women. I was tasked to photograph over 200 women, build a blog and design a directory of all the women in my church. Apparently God wants me to continue doing photography and designing.

I still had the dilemma of the ancient computers which ate up a lot of my time and then lo and behold my laptop screen died so I had to buy a new computer. Step by step every one of my reasons for taking a break have been diminished so I am taking the hint and am getting back to work!

I am grateful for my short time away because it has helped me to refocus on what is important and helped me to recognize that I was getting too caught up in all “the rules” of blogging and photography and was losing my voice. No longer will that be the case – after all the key to being successful in this industry is to be yourself and embrace what makes you unique from everyone else.

I am still playing with my kids and spending as much time as possible with them, but with the upgraded computer I now am able to edit photos, design announcements and scrapbook kits and posters and everything else I love and still have time to work out, play candyland, and cook dinner! I will not be continuing project 365 . . . but have lots of other fun things in store!

So I am back and ready to capture your families moments! Contact me today to book a session or have me custom design something fancy for ya!

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