Smile {Las Vegas, NV Children Photography}

One of the biggest challenges of being a photographer is photographing your own kids. They don’t tend to listen because well, you’re mom or dad! Add in a strong willed 2 yr old who refuses to be photographed with anyone but herself and it is a rare occasion that I capture a real genuine smile from my youngest daughter while she is in the photograph with someone else.

So imagine my surprise when I was bribing engaging my two youngest in a mini photo session when my husband walks up behind me and tells said 2 yr old that “He is my boy” and she immediately latched onto her brother like her life depended on it and yelled back “My brother!” I was thrilled that I was able to capture the most perfect sibling moment! KLM_SmileTell me that’s not just precious! This will definitely be hanging on my wall soon!


I was inspired to share this thanks to the wonderful photography challenge happening this month over at!
Photo Challenge Submission

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