I was born in Utah but raised in Henderson, NV and now live in Las Vegas. I married my best friend in August of 2002, and together we now have four amazing children, Madison, Jake, Owen, and Natalie. There is nothing I love more than my family and capturing the moments we share everyday!

When I was 7 years old my perspective on life changed forever. It was a Saturday morning in May, and like most kids all I cared about was playing and having fun. Then in the blink of an eye, my 3-year-old brother died as the result of a fall. It has been over 20 years since that morning, and the memories of his smile, touch and his voice fade until I open my album and look at the photos of him, then in an instant the memories come flooding back. That, for me, is the power of a photograph and the importance of memory keeping.

Because portraits are important to me I had family portraits taken every year since getting married. I often struggled with finding a photographer that truly understood my wants and needs so I was constantly searching to find the right photographer for me. In order to find true satisfaction with our family portraits I learned photography and have taken those frustrations into building a business that is custom to each client. From location, to clothing choice to the images taken I am committed to communicating with and involving my clients in order to ensure my clients are getting the portraits they desire.

I love to share the behind the scenes of my business and family life on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest. Come connect with me!

With Love,