I am the type of person who doesn’t believe in doing things small or halfway. I am the type of person who believes in all or nothing and go big or go home. This is a fantastic thing for people I am helping because I can guarantee you will be satisfied with the work I will do for you. However, it’s not always a fantastic thing for me. As I am thinking about this new career path I want to take I am overwhelmed with all of the decisions that have to be made. I don’t want to be just another photographer and digital designer. I want to be amazing. I want to be the best, I want my photos on people’s walls and my designs in their scrapbooks. I know where I want to go . . . but how do I get there? How do I take all of the information that is in my head and in my heart and organize it in a way to guarantee success? How do I manage my time and resources so that it doesn’t overtake my life? How do I get where I want to go?

The problem with this question is that EVERYONE has an opinion and it is usually opposite of what everyone else says. I have read articles that say blog everyday and others that say blog once a week but make it the best post ever. Some people say you have to have Twitter where others say Facebook is the way to go. There are so many decisions to be made and I want to make the best ones for my family and myself.

So here is a question for you . . . what is your number one blogging pet peeve? (I personally hate music that automatically plays) and what is your number one Facebook/Twitter pet peeve when it comes to advertising for your business?

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