Number 1 Reason I Digitally Scrapbook

LO design by #JessicaSprague Pen Tablet Basics Lesson 1

LO design by #JessicaSprague Pen Tablet Basics Lesson 1

If you follow me on Facebook (which I highly recommend you do) then you know I am not feeling too well. I have come down with a head cold or some nonsense and yesterday my entire face hurt from sinuses – no bueno. I have pretty much been in bed for the past two days. Yesterday I didn’t do anything but sleep and occasionally post on fellow Facebook friends’ posts.
I now know more about the waging war in Syria and the whole slew of drama behind the Miley Cyrus fiasco – more than I would like to know.

Today, however, I am feeling a lot better than yesterday but not enough to be up and about so I am stuck here in bed. I remembered that I had bought a pen tablet class from a while back and I never did any of the lessons. If you don’t know what a pen tablet is it’s a Wacom pen that works as a mouse and is AWESOME! Seriously if you don’t own one and you are a photographer or scrapbooker or graphic designer you need to own one.

So while I laid in bed feeling yucky I scrapbooked – with absolutely no mess! My two year old even came and jumped on my bed while I worked on my layout and nothing was messed up!
That my friends is my number one reason for digitally scrapbooking. I can do it anywhere I want – while laying in bed or on the couch watching a movie with the hubby, it doesn’t matter. I can do it with my kids right next me and not have to worry about them touching things they aren’t supposed to and I can walk away from it whenever I want. It’s bliss.

Are you a digital scrapbooker? Do you want to learn how to become one? I am planning some tutorials soon so let me know if this is something you want to learn more about! I am off to create another layout now!

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