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This past year I have been immersed in learning as much as I can about digital design and editing photos in  Photoshop Elements. If you have never been to the website I highly recommend you check it out to learn how to use Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and they even have classes on Illustrator. The classes do cost money but hands down they are some of the best tutorials on using those programs I have come across! As I have been taking these classes I have discovered that I have a pretty good talent at digital design and started toying around with designing my own digital papers and digital embellishments to scrapbook with. I have also designed birth and baptism announcements for friends and have received a lot of compliments on the quality of the designs. I most recently took a class on advanced photo editing techniques (think drab to glam) and during this process I have become more and more interested in becoming an all around photographer and designer. Since then I recently upgraded my camera from this: (point and shoot pentax)
 To this: (Canon Rebel t3i)
 When I bought this awesome new camera I had absolutely no idea how to do anything with it. Literally, I had to read the owners manual to figure out how to turn it on. Fortunately, it came with an owners manual and I read it and learned how to turn it on and take a picture on auto. Which is wonderful  . . . except I could do that with my Pentax camera and I want to be better than that. Fortunately for me, on the JessicaSprague website there are also photography classes on there so I dove right in and started learning all I could about shutter speeds, aperture, ISO, manual, focusing and a lot more. While I have applied what I have learned I have seen a huge improvement in my photos, I shoot 90% of the time in Manual. I am nowhere near as good as I want to be, and that is where this blog comes into play. 
I am the kind of person who learns more from my mistakes than my correct choices and from sitting down and writing out why things are or how things work. If I write out my thoughts and feelings about things then I remember them more and learn from them, but if I read it and then try to apply it and not journal it then I tend to forget what I learned. That is the purpose of this blog. I want this to be a place where I can journal about everything I am learning in regards to photography and digital design. I am blogging so that I can learn from myself and hopefully I can learn from others as they read this blog and offer up friendly advice! I have already learned so much just from practicing and I think I will continue to learn more every day!

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