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This year I am focusing on growing in my creative endeavors. I am taking several courses to help me grow throughout the year some of which are Beyond Layers and Beyond Beyond with Kim Klassen and then becoming a certified Digital Designer through and in March I am taking a class on designing blogs as well. I am very excited about the growth I am going to experience throughout this year! Not to mention all of the photography opportunities I have had over the past few months and I am growing leaps and bounds.

The challenge for the first day of Beyond Layers is to write my Creativity Story which in all honesty is not something I have ever really thought about but I suppose that I have one. So here is my shot at telling my Creativity Story. Enjoy!

I have always loved pictures. I especially loved having my picture taken as a teenage girl. I was that annoying girl that everyone hated because if the camera came out I was jumping in front of it. People probably thought I was a very conceited girl, but in reality I had a very low self-esteem and had learned how to turn off all emotion and instead of letting the world see my vulnerability I put on a cloak of conceitedness and vanity. I was always surprised when I saw a picture of myself at how pretty and happy I looked because it was so contrary to how I viewed myself so I learned to live through the camera’s eye.

At the same time that I was jumping in front of every camera to have my picture taken I was introduced to the art of paper scrapbooking. At that time in my life I didn’t think I was very talented and mostly just lived for parties and boys, but the first time I sat at a table and made my very first scrapbook page I felt like I had finally found my calling in life. I would spend hours and hours each week scrapbooking photos of my life and showcasing it in a way that only focused on the positives and none of the negatives. I was always on the lookout for opportunities to make scrapbooks for myself and others. Over the next few years I grew to love scrapbooking more and more and often found a sense of peace in life as I combined photos, papers and journaling to document my life. I even became a Stampin Up sales woman for a year or so.

As much as I loved scrapbooking, I also began to hate it. I hated the mess, I hated the time, I hated the storage space it required. I hated that I had babies who would get into everything and make a mess of it all. Eventually the inconvenience of scrapbooking overcame the love I once felt for scrapbooking and I boxed up all of the pictures and supplies and thought someday I will scrapbook again.

Fast forward several years later and a friend of mine introduces me to a very very basic program called Paint where she used digital scrapbooking elements to design blogs. I had just learned about blogging and the idea of using scrapbook supplies on the computer was something I could not even fathom. My sister in law was also big into blogging and would turn her blogs into books through and the idea fascinated me, but at the time it wasn’t my season.

I don’t remember how or when but one day she told me about and showed me one of her classes that she had bought. There are no words to describe how excited and thrilled I was at the possibilities as I discovered the world of digital scrapbooking.
In all honesty I literally became obsessed with it and couldn’t learn enough!

While I was learning more and more about digital scrapbooking I quickly became frustrated with my pictures. Photos really do make or break a page and I would often find myself loving my layouts and hating my pictures. I had just had my last baby and was suffering from post partum depression and was drifting further and further away from my husband. In a desperate attempt to bring me some form of happiness my husband bought me my first DSLR a Canon Rebel t3i. I immediately took two photography classes and finally felt like I had found my calling in life.

Photographer & Designer

I have tried to focus on only one and perfect that art but as I focus more on improving my photography and stop designing I feel as though I have cut off a limb and am unable to feel joy in my work, and vice versa.

Last January I had my very first paying client and it has all been uphill from there. I finally have found my niche in the world and am so excited for all the opportunities in store for me this year! I know I have lots more to learn and I can’t wait to start this next chapter in my creative story!

I look forward to sharing my growth and talents with you throughout this year!

*photo taken by Kim Miller with KLM Photography & Design. Texture used: Evolve by Kim Klassen

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