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Who doesn’t love a free printable? A friend of mine asked me to glam up this quote for her and I loved it so much I decided to share it with all of you as well!

I love this quote for so many reasons but mostly for the truthfulness and power of that message. I think it is easy to be a martyr and to constantly talk about the injustices that have happened to us. I think it is easy to wallow in our sufferings. Not easy in the sense that it feels good to be miserable – but there is an odd sense of comfort that comes from saying “it’s not my fault I’m miserable it’s the worlds fault, or my husband’s fault, or my parents or the church member’s fault I am miserable and until they change I am going to be miserable.”

What is hard, and takes an incredible amount of strength, is to be going through the depths of Hell in your life yet manage to stay positive and happy. It is strength to be happy when everything around you is grounds to be unhappy. It is strength to focus on the rainbows and the joy in your life than dwell on the gray clouds and the storms.

When I was a junior in High School we had to write an autobiography on our life for my history class. After the teacher read my paper, she pulled me aside and said, “I would never have known how hard your life has been by the way you are in school. How do you manage to have a smile on your face every day?” My answer to her was this – “Because I choose to not let my circumstances determine my attitude. I CHOOSE to be happy.” It is a choice and I know from personal experiences that it is not an easy choice but it is the most empowering and beautiful choice there is.

I have also found that people who are happy and focus on happiness are the people others want to be around. Have you ever been around a person who just can’t say a positive thing? Or a person who is so focused on the injustices and negativity in their life that they can speak of nothing else? For me, those people are the least enjoyable to be around and tend to drain the energy from me.

So as a reminder to you to show your true strength by focusing on happiness over the things that hurt I decided to share this printable with you!  This is an 8×10 for you to download and have printed at your local print shop for the best print.

8x10 Free Printablr

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