Love catches us by surprise


My husband and I recently celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. It seems like every year around our anniversary I am taken back to our dating years and the craziness of falling in love. This quote truly describes when I fell head over in heels in love with my husband. Here’s the story:

My husband had been pursuing me (aka stalking me) for 3 months since our first date. On our first date he had taken me to his apartment to play games and watch movies with his married brother and sister in law. At midnight I was waiting for him to offer me a ride home (his brother and his wife had left already) and he was waiting for me to ask to go home. Since I didn’t ask he decided that meant I must have wanted to kiss him so while I am mid sentence he leans over and kisses me. Well the boy had skills if you know what I mean and 3 hours later we finally took a break from kissing and he finally took me home.

The next morning I had hickeys all over my neck and had to wear turtlenecks for weeks! While I enjoyed kissing him I knew that he was not the kind of guy I was looking for so I moved on to the next guy. Keep in mind I was 18 years old and didn’t have plans to marry until I was 26 and established in life. He was 26 and getting ready to graduate from college and he was looking to get married. Apparently he felt *something* that night and he refused to write me off like I did him.

He would randomly show up at my house (45 minutes away from where he lived) and say he was “in the neighborhood” He would call me all the time and ask me out. I was rude. I ignored his phone calls, I would make up excuses to hang up the phone with promises to call back and never did.

Long story short we ended up going out a second time and it was a repeat of the first date so I knew for sure this guy was not the man for me but he was fun to kiss!

After 3 months of him pursuing me and me avoiding him he asked me out again on a group date and I didn’t have any other plans so I said yes. We showed up to the date and I was surrounded by kids I knew from high school. I was not about to caught kissing this guy all night in front of people who I went to school and church with and I made sure he knew that!

I don’t know what it was about that night (other than the absolutely no kissing rule) but everything changed that night for me. One minute I was stringing him along (I know I was terrible) and the next minute I couldn’t get enough of him. Every time we touched it was electric. In a single heartbeat I fell head over heels in love with him.

11 years later he is still always looking for a chance to kiss and I am still making him chase after my heart. We have had moments of great joy and moments of great sorrow in our lives but I wouldn’t trade being married to him for anything in the world.

Happy Anniversary babe!

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