It’s good to be home

4thofJulyJuly was a whirlwind of a month! On the Fourth of July my hubby and I loaded up our four kids and drove up to Provo for a family reunion. We were able to watch the fireworks across the street from BYU and the kids loved them! We also had an awesome slip and slide that went down three hills at that reunion – let’s just say it was amazing!tonyonslide

After that reunion was over my dear husband flew home to go back to work and I hung out in Lehi for a few days and helped my brother’s family get their house ready to move, he just got a job in Sacramento and I couldn’t be happier for them! The kids had so much fun playing outside in the cooler weather!


Then my husband flew up to Idaho and we spent the weekend in Bear Lake with his siblings for the Miller reunion. My kids went boating and tubing for the first time and unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera with me to the lake to capture those moments 🙁 but I did get this beautiful shot of the view from our cabin.


After that reunion my husband once again flew home and left me in Idaho with his family (whom are some of my all time favorite people)! We had so much fun visiting with cousins and grandparents and shopping and exploring. I even had time to complete a 500 piece puzzle which is not something I ever have time for at home! We went to the lake and parks and played soccer at 8:00 pm because the weather was absolutely beautiful.

After being away from home for 20 days I decided to cut our vacation short and come home. We were supposed to be gone until the first of August and I definitely miss my amazing in laws and wish we could have stayed up there forever but I am also loving being home and not living out of a suitcase and packing and unpacking my car a million times a week as we hop all over southern Idaho.

I have lots more photos to post and stories to tell but for now I am just happy to be home and wanted to share that with you!

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