It’s a harsh photog world out there

I have been reading a ton of forums and blogs about photography and business and am amazed at how cruel people are with each other in this industry. Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of really nice, really helpful people out there. BUT there are also people who seem to have forgotten that they were once a beginner and trying to learn as much as they could from others. Sometimes it gets frustrating and can be a real motivation killer, but then I realize I’m not doing this for the approval of other photographers I am looking to get in to this field because it is something I love. I love that I can capture a moment of a person’s life and make it a piece of art. I love that when my sister in laws have babies I can create their birth announcement for them. I love that I can make a scrapbook, a card, a banner for a party, an invitation or an announcement all while cuddling up with my kids and letting them help me pick the right color! I do this for me and those I care about, not the approval of other photographers. I am grateful to those who are willing to answer any question I have because I have a lot of them and I am sad for those who aren’t willing to help others fly as high as them for fear that that their student might end up flying higher than their teacher.

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