Honest Review of ClickinMom’s Business 102 Workshop

ClickinMom Workshop Review

I have a confession to make. I am addicted to education. There are worse things out there to be addicted to, believe me I know. If there is one thing you need to know me about me, it is that I am a perfectionist and am on a constant journey to constantly perfect myself and my work.

I absolutely love learning, especially when it comes to the things I am passionate about, such as my family, my photography, and my designs. Along the way of feeding my addiction I have come across some amazing classes, books and workshops and some real doozies – so in an attempt to help you avoid purchasing the same money wasters, I have decided to start a new blog series where I will give straight, honest opinions about the material presented and whether or not I think it was worth the money I paid.

As I have recently debuted my new site, which I am completely in love with, I decided to write my first review on ClickinMom’s Business 102 workshop by Instructor Beth Wade.

Let me just say that this class was worth every.single.penny!

When I first saw the information for this workshop I almost passed it on by, simply because, I thought $300 was an insane amount of money to charge for a 4 week workshop and to be perfectly honest, I’m not a huge fan of how ClickinMom’s doesn’t allow access to the workshop after the workshop is through, BUT, after doing some serious analyzing of my business I realized that my website and blog was not working for my business – in fact, I hated them both.  I am a graphic designer and was the owner of a terribly designed website (ok maybe not terrible, but it wasn’t working for me). After a long discussion with myself (admit it, you talk to yourself too) and my husband, I decided that it was worth the investment.  I knew it was not only going to be a financial investment but also a major time commitment.

Soooo why did I think it was wort,h the money:


  • The instructor, Beth Wade, was amazing and really went above and beyond in helping every class member customize their websites.
  • The information given was extremely detailed and well thought out, we covered everything from color theory to SEO building, including how to create an adwords campaign, how to brand yourself, and how to customize wordpress
  • The critiques offered each week. One of the best way to grow as an artist is to have others critique your work, and let me tell you, Beth and her assistants knocked it out of the park with their critiques. You receive not just a critique from Beth but you gain an additional critique from her assistants each week!
  • The amount of video instruction that went beyond building a beautiful website was awesome! When Beth noticed that many of the photographers had similar editing problems, she uploaded multiple additional videos covering anything from removing color casts to removing distractions in the background. You may be thinking so what, big deal – but seriously it is a huge deal! She could have told us to buy another class that you can learn those techniques or sent us to a youtube video but she took the time away from her family to create and share personalized editing videos.
  • The transparency of Beth. The internet is flooded with so called “experts” who are quick to share their wealth of knowledge but aren’t so quick to share the success of their knowledge. This was not the case in this workshop, by the end of the workshop I felt like I could trust the information and the source of the information.


  • The cost – I was planning to spend $300 on the workshop and ended up spending an additional $300 to change website platforms and hosting. I am 100% ok with spending the additional money, and it certainly isn’t a requirement, however, it would have been nice to know in the class description that we would need to either already be using the other platforms or purchase them once class started. Not everyone upgraded but I did.
  • The class size was a tad too big. The instructor is only one person and it is impossible to expect her to sit at her computer ready to answer every question and solve every problem.  However, because she was the expert, there were thousands of questions thrown at her and with only one person answering the questions sometimes questions were left unanswered or lost in the mix. Beth was wonderful at getting to most questions – but there were multiple times that people had to re-ask questions because they were missed. I think a smaller class size or having assistants who also were able to step up and answer questions without waiting for Beth to have to would have made it better.
  • It is a more advanced class and therefore not for everyone. This was not a con for me, because of my knowledge of Illustrator and Photoshop. But there were a lot of Lightroom only users in the class who did not know how to use Photoshop and therefore were limited in customizing their website on their own. If you are unfamiliar with Photoshop, I highly recommend taking JessicaSprague’s Bloom your Blog design course either prior to purchasing this workshop or in addition to this workshop. Jessica’s class is not the best for the WordPress platform but is awesome in its own way, so I really think these two need to be combined.

Now I don’t expect you to take my word alone for it so here is a before and after of my website:

Review of ClickinMoms Business 102 Workshop

I gave this workshop an A+ and highly recommend it to anyone who is hoping to improve their WordPress website!

PS – I highly recommend doing the full participation of this workshop – the information alone is good but the personalized attention really makes this class phenomenal!

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