Gratitude Journal Page 12 | Free SVG File

SVG Files for Silhouette Cameo to create Gratitude Journal

Day 12 of our gratitude journal is here! I apologize for the lateness of today’s post, I somehow hurt my lower back and haven’t been able to move or think until now.

I have been thinking a lot about the importance of having gratitude not just for the big things in life but also the little things. I was talking to my husband yesterday about how different our relationship is when we are both focusing on all of the little things we do for each other and ignore the little things we don’t do for each other. Our relationship is built on little moments every day that give us meaning. As is the same with our kids. We can’t expect to treat our kids poorly, ignoring their wants, and pushing them to the side and then expect them to feel loved, valued, or appreciated just because we took them to Disneyland.

So today’s page is all about being grateful for the mundane, routine moments. I may not love washing laundry but I am so blessed to have 5 other people in my life whom I love and get to serve by washing and folding their laundry every week and I couldn’t imagine what I would do if suddenly there was one less person to wash laundry for, or wash dishes.

And now for today’s download

Gratitude Journal Page 12

SVG Files for Silhouette Cameo to create Gratitude Journal

Just a reminder these pages are free only through the month of November and then they will be placed in my shop!

I hope you love the page! In case you have missed the previous pages of the gratitude journal here are the links for them,

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With Love,

Kim Miller

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