Focus, Focus, Focus

I feel like so much of life is all about focus, and the importance of focusing on the right things.This is especially true when it comes to photography. If your focus is even slightly off then you can get a picture that looks like this:
In the image above I had set my camera to auto focus because it was one more thing I didn’t want to have to think about. I trusted my camera to choose the right focal point and give me the perfect image. The problem with this method however, is that when your camera uses the auto focus mode it will show you that it is locked on 3 focal points – however – it is impossible for your camera to focus on more than one spot at a time and it doesn’t always make the choice you want.
I now only manually focus to ensure I get the results I want and not what my Canon Camera tells me it wants. The quality of the pictures straight out of camera are amazing compared to when I let the camera choose my focus. Here are some examples:

Pretty big difference right?

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