Extraordinary is in all of us

We all have Extraordinary in us

Have you ever felt like you weren’t enough? Have you ever felt like you weren’t as good as others? Have you ever looked in the mirror and not liked what you saw?

I have.

And then I tell myself to shut up because I am awesome and that usually works.

It seems like I have had more down days than up days lately and have really been kicking myself hard on how I can always be better as a mom, a wife, a business woman, a photographer, friend . . . the list goes on and on of all the roles we have that we often feel inadequate in.

I have been racking my brain on ways to pull myself out of the funk I have been in (ideas anyone?) and today I finally hit some inspiration!

I designed this poster to be printed into a canvas and displayed in my bedroom where every morning I can be reminded that we are all extraordinary and I need to do my part to not only release my extraordinary but also help my family and those I come in contact with to also release their extraordinary!

I hope this poster inspires you to release your extraordinary self as well! What are things you do or quotes you love that pull you out of negative self talk? I am always on the look out for inspiring and uplifting words!

(design will be posted in the shop soon, which is also coming soon)

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