I haven't always had an easy life and I experienced some major lows growing up. Fortunately for me, I was blessed with the gift of wisdom to find joy in life while living in an unloving situation. At the age of 15 I realized that the greatest weapon I had as a young teenage girl was power over my thoughts and emotions. No matter what I went through I got to choose how I felt about myself and about my life. I chose happiness.

In order to reinforce my desire to choose happiness every day I discovered the power of words and the importance of surrounding myself with positive, uplifting messages. It was at this time that I also discovered a passion for scrapbooking which then led me to learning all I can about creating beautiful designs and layouts. Designing became my escape and my happy place and I want to share my love of design with you!

Now, many many years later I am still choosing happiness and forgiveness and I want to help others to discover the power they have within themselves to create their best lives through the power of words. It's not enough to have beautiful inspiring words pinned to a Pinterest board, you need them printed and framed and on display in your home to remind you of the awesome person you are and strengthen you on the hard days!

I am passionate about teaching and helping others in life. I love helping clients bring their visions to life through design. If you need a design for the upcoming baptism of your child, I have you covered! Need a handout for that lesson you are going to teach but don't know the first thing about how to design one, I can help with that! Are you going through a trial and need an uplifting reminder that you are strong and can do hard things, I can create that. Have a party coming up and you can't find the right decor, invites, thank you gifts, I can help bring your vision to life!

We all have gifts and talents in life and I would love to share my talents with you to help inspire your life and beautify your space.