Busy, Busy, Busy

The holiday season has me busy but I am loving it! I posted on Facebook that I was looking to practice on families and I had an amazing response! I am so grateful for the many friends I have that are willing to let me use them as guinea pigs!

I am having a blast learning from my mistakes and nailing the shots I envision. Editing photos takes hours and hours and I refuse to let it take me away from my family all day, so right now I allow myself two hours of editing and while I am editing I am not allowed to go online, and then I step away from the computer and spend time with my kids, then back to the editing. It is actually a good system for me because it gives me a chance to walk away from the images and then come back with fresh eyes and catch something I didn’t like.

I am so glad I took all of the editing classes before so I know what I am doing and can feel confident in those abilities. They are slowly improving as well.

My husband thinks I should start charging people now because he thinks I am good enough but I think I have him convinced that we need to wait a while longer! The other night we finally got around to watching the Social Network movie and in the movie the creator of Facebook just wants to create an experience and keep it cool. His friend on the other hand who is financially backing the project just wants to get advertisers on the site and start making the money. It was a great testament of the importance of focusing on the product and making that the best it can be and then the money will come. I explained to him that I only get one shot to make a first impression with future clients and that if I can do a practice shoot and create great images for them imagine how much more likely they are going to come back and eventually pay me!

Not only that but there are so many legalities and tax information that goes into charging and becoming a business that I am not even near ready for that. I am going to have to sit down with someone who really knows taxes and another person who really knows website building and figure out pricing, printing, packages, marketing, A LOT of things. So for now I would rather focus on the creative and the art of photography and the rest will come when I am ready for it to come.

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