365:47 Coloring Fun

Today’s photo is from a photo taken on the 4th of July. My baby girl caught a stomach bug so we ended up having to spend the day inside. Thankfully the internet is full of great craft ideas and I had the kids paint fireworks and make paper lanterns and all sorts of fun things. The baby is too little to paint so I gave her a crayon to see what she would do and she loved drawing on the paper . . . with a few sampling tastes of the crayon of course 🙂 Here she is coloring away.

I am seriously the worse lately on posting the pictures I have been taking, but I am really enjoying spending time with the kids and the family and just living in the moment with them and I am o.k. with that. I figure I have my whole life to perfect the art of photography and design but kids grow up too fast so I am making them more of a priority in my life and I feel good about that.

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