365:46 Brotherly love at it’s best

Life has been lazy and wonderful around here. I decided to take some time away from photography and just enjoy the summer and my kids because before you know it, summer is over and we are back to the busy days of the school year. I did keep taking photos, I just haven’t taken the time to edit or upload them until now. Here is Day 46

Tonight we decided to have a little fun and sneak up on my oldest then dump water on her head . . . She just thought I was taking her picture, then my son snuck up behind her and poured water on her head, don’t worry she got him back 🙂

Doesn’t know what is coming . . . 

Oh that’s cold!

That’s really really cold

Someone’s going to get it . . . 

Here comes the payback!

There is no escape

oh that’s  cold

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