365:44 Using a reflector Las Vegas, NV Photographer

Normally when I photograph my daughter outside I get dark shadows under her eyes. I don’t have an off camera flash yet to help fill in those shadows so I usually try to adjust her to get the lighting just right to minimize those shadows. Then I remembered that forever in a year ago I had bought a reflector for my portraiture class and I decided that tonight would be as good as any to get it out and practice with it.

I didn’t have anyone to help me so I had her sit on the grass and then placed the reflector on her lap and had her hold it tilted up to fill in the light. If you look closely at her pupils you can see the reflector in the bottom of her pupil. I love how it filled in a lot of shadows and really brightened up her face! Obviously using a reflector this way has its drawbacks because I couldn’t get a full body shot, but I think it worked perfectly for a head shot.

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